Soffit Cleaning


We are able to clean soffits, Upvc and exterior gutters in Fife. This is generally done by using our grippatank van mounted system, which is a professionally installed pure water window cleaning system with the added advantage of producing hot water. This system has a built-in boiler, temperature gauge; and clearly hot cleans better than cold water, so allows us to bring the grubbiest of exteriors back to new.

We carry out all Fife gutter cleaning jobs by also using traffic film removers, which come in two variants; caustic and non-caustic.  A traffic film remover is like a car shampoo but specifically made to remove stubborn marks. We generally use non caustic traffic film removers, because they are 100% biodegradable and can also be left to dwell on the dirty surface for longer periods of time.


When we arrive to clean soffits and gutter lines we will initially pre wet all the surfaces with our water supply, and then spray the traffic film remover onto the plastics as well. We then leave all the plastics for around half an hour and this allows the traffic film remover to seep into the dirt and generally then makes the dirt easier to remove.

We then power up the hot water system and connect our water fed poles to the unit, we scrub all the plastics with the brushes that are connected to these poles. It is sill brushes we use for this job, because they are wider than normal window cleaning brushes and also much stiffer. At this point all the dirt and minor marks fall off the plastics with ease and we finally rinse down all surfaces to complete the job.


Many Upvc cleans throw up some areas that are very heavily congested in dirt, vents on soffits are one such place. The newer build type properties all seem to have these now and they can become unsightly. To clean these we use our hot water system, and manually clean the vents by ladder at the end as well. This is the only way to ensure all drips have stopped and that all areas have a uniform finish.


When we clean soffits and gutter lines, it’s important to adhere to some sort of ladder safety protocol. We use a ladder matrix on the ground, this is a multi-spiked mat that creates friction and avoids falls. We also use a stay bar, which keeps us away from the gutter line by a foot or so. This space allows us extra room for when cleaning and also avoids marking the walls or Upvc.  When we arrive to carry out these jobs for you, we also work in pairs for safety and for observation during the cleaning process but also have liability insurance in place.


There is always some kind of stains or Upvc that require special treatment, whether this is rust marks or the white Upvc has started to discolour through age. For minimal scuff marks we can use magic sponges and vinegar to remove these with ease, and for rust marks we use bronze wool pads, which are made up of such fine particles they cannot scratch glass never mind plastic. There are also solvents on the market that can be buffed into plastics, these can restore the original colour in the same way a cut can do so for a car or van.  Here is our page dedicated to Fife soffit cleaning

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Blog written by Chris Fotheringham