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Fife Window Cleaning Services offer patio cleaning in Dunfermline, this pressure washing service can be for Indian sand stone, cement, limestone, slate and granite patio cleaning. Call Fife Window Cleaning Services now on 07856 539 498 or email us on our online contact form for a written quotation, alternatively please visit our Driveway cleaning page for any driveway enquiries.

Our patio pressure washing service can include cleaning of driveways, decking, patios or other exterior areas. When preparing a patio cleaning quote we will identify whether soft washing or pressure washing will be the optimum method. More information on such chemical use can be found on our blog.

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We aim to carry out services at a time of your convenience and are flexible regarding days and times.

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While we are out, we also survey related areas of work ie roofs and gutters for general damage as well; this is free.

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We are based in central Fife and cover Fife predominantly. Rest assured it will be the owner you deal with and we are a local team.

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We leave things how we find them, ie gutter rubbish can be heavy and for this reason we take the waste with us.

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We don't add extras. The price we offer is what you will pay on the day. We believe in transparency.

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We are insured for this work. This is important in the fact that in the event of any accidental damage you have protective cover.

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Dramatically increase the look of your outdoor living space

We always envisage offering a suitable treatment for patios, we have a flat surface cleaner for vertical surfaces; which are excellent for offering a uniform clean there is always the option of soft washing patios.

Softwashing patios in Fife

Soft washing simply means using chemicals to treat patios and stone surfaces rather than high pressure water. Firstly we would protect local plant life and analyse the pollutants; if the pollutants are biological then we may suggest using a rinse of chemicals that can return the Ph level to normal on the brick work. Soft washing attacks the underlying causes of the bacteria and eliminates the need for as regular treatment as you may find otherwise. This is optional and we are happy to offer a pressure washing service should you prefer.


Sealing Patios

Sealing patios in Fife

Patios can also be sealed with sealant, which acts as a barrier to future biological growth and which also limits the paving becoming faded and worn due to Uv light. Have a look at our driveway page for an example of how we apply sealants. We use www.resiblock.com as our main sealant of choice.

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