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Professional Driveway Cleaner Services in Kirkcaldy

Fife Window Cleaning Services provide driveway cleaning and patio cleaning in Kirkcaldy and Fife; we offer residential pressure washing services in Fife, such as the cleaning of driveways and our fully trained operatives also carry out commercial and industrial pressure washing services for many larger block paving surfaces in Fife. Call Fife Window Cleaning Services now on 07856 539 498 or email us on our online contact form for a FREE no obligation quote, all services we offer are found at www.fifewindowcleaningservices.co.uk. See our blog section for some more driveway information.

We are fully trained in using varied types of pressure washing equipment; in our continued endeavour to comply with best practice, offer our customers the optimum driveway and patio cleaning service, and continue to serve Central Scotland with a thorough and well informed pressure washing service. We not only can clean standard mono block with our pressure washing service, but can also dramatically increase the quality of many worn surfaces through our cleaning systems; this can include and is not limited to patio slabs, Indian sand stone and tarmac. Many paving surfaces can be re-sanded and sealed by us as well, to protect against weeds and other elements such as adverse weather.

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Driveway & Patio Cleaning in Kirkcaldy, Fife

Having the correct equipment to provide a professional driveway cleaning and patio cleaning services is of the upmost importance to Fife Window Cleaning Services. Our equipment allows us to provide up to 21 litres a minute of high pressured water directly onto paving surfaces, resulting in the removal of not some but all surface contaminants. Biological growth such as moss can get trapped in the joints of block paving, and for this reason alone; having the correct equipment is necessary to completely remove not only block paving surface discolouration but also this build-up of foreign objects in the joints themselves.

Re-Sanding Driveways

When we clean driveway surfaces it is especially important to maintain not only a clean surface but also a stable base. This is done through re-sanding driveway joints; in fact often when we see moss in driveway and block paving joints this is an early indication of the poor joint stability that we later notice. When there is nothing else supporting a flat driveway surface or a solid link to each individual paving block, the overall strength of your driveway is at risk. Re-sanding driveways provides an aesthetically better appearance due to a light coloured sand, also provides a strong link between each paving block, helps spread the weight of large objects ie cars on driveways, and dramatically lessens the risk of sunken drives.

We only use kiln dried sand (KDS) for the re-sanding of driveways, as it is a very fine sand that will completely fill the smallest of joints and recesses’. The sand is only applied to a completely dry surface and for this reason re-sanding cannot be done on the same day as the washing of driveways, otherwise we would not be guaranteeing a professional finish.

Patio & Driveway Cleaning & Stain Removal

Most customers come to us with their number one aim being to increase the presentation of their driveways, patios or other outdoor areas. This is understandable when we consider that on approach to a house or commercial outlet, the block paving takes up a large percentage of the initial view. We use many specialised chemicals that can support us in removing stains, lichen, fatty residue, and tyre marks for example.

Oil stain removal is very difficult, and we are therefore very honest in our policy. We promise to use the industry leading chemicals on such stains; but there are elements affecting the likelihood of this complete removal, such as how long the stain has been there and also what type of surface the stain is on.


Driveway Sealing

Provide an added layer of stability for block paving and also inhibit weed growth

In addition to driveway cleaning and patio cleaning, we can also seal driveways. The reason for sealing a driveway is simple; without sealing the sand in place, not only do you risk losing some of this sand when it next rains heavily, but sealing also reduces the paving surfaces exposure to oxygen and UV rays.; along with offering a coating against future stains and moss or lichen build up.

  • Offers a barrier against stains
  • Limits moss build up
  • Sealers can be used to enhance colour, with two or three coats used to achieve this
  • Protects from natural light
  • Prolongs the kiln dried sand in place

We use www.resiblock.com as our sealant supplier, this is due to their reputation as the industry leader, and also the fact they offer a variety of sealants for different surfaces. In addition to our driveway and pressure washing service we also offer a full range of external cleaning services in Fife, call us on 07856 539 498 or email us using our online form.

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