Patio Cleaning in Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy

Patio Cleaning in Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy

Why Does My Patio Require Regular Maintenance?

Patios are mostly set in damp and green environments, this leads to natural growth from biological agents. Lichen is a common sight on patios, and this is a composite organism that results from algae and they are living organisms. See for further reading. Without treatment these organisms discolour patios and overtime stain the surface.

How Do We Treat Patios?

Depending on various factors we may use a surface cleaner to offer a pressure washing service; if so then the process includes a large circular machine directly releasing pressurised water onto the patio slabs. The reason for this method is that a surface cleaner will create a uniform finish on the patio and clean deep into the joints as well.
We are also able to clean patios in Dunfermline and other areas with a biocide wash that kills lichens, this substance is PH neutral and so does not harm any nearby environments but does break down the dirt that’s accumulated on the surface while also is approved by the Health and Safety Executive for use in the UK. The particular certificate number of the one we use is 9936.

Below is a before and mid clean image of some patio cleaning in Dunfermline that we carried out recently, note the colour difference and the fact this has eliminated a very dangerous and slippery surface. See our home page for all the other exterior cleaning services we offer.

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How Do We Treat Patios

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