We will make every effort to provide a monthly service, however this can falter on occasion; such as when there has been adverse weather at any point over the weeks leading up to your window clean this will have a knock on effect.

We can and do text many of our customers for gate access on the evening before the window clean is due, just provide contact details and we will take care of this for you.

We clean in most conditions, except severe rain. Due to us using a pure hot water window cleaning system this makes it a lot easier to clean in all conditions and the windows will dry spotless as usual. It isn’t the rain that makes windows dirty in itself; it is rather due to the wind and dirt that’s circulated and built up on the glass over the previous month.

We have public liability insurance cover in place, to support us and you in the case of any accidents; and all of our workers will always have a Fife Council Window Cleaning license; which is issued after disclosure and insurance checks.

We will clean your doors, frames and window sills as standard on every clean.

We offer this service year round without exception, because our staff members are in official full time positions with us and expect the same regular income that we all hope and aim for.


We only accept gocardless for all residential window cleaning payments, in fact all of our residential customers pay this way for window cleaning. This is a very simple direct debit set up that takes care of itself after that initial set up. We will always post a card through the letterbox to say that we have been out as well, and you will also receive an email notification before payment comes off. See more information here

Window cleaning payments can be set to come off on a set date; just ask us for details but when the payments do occasionally bounce due to insufficient funds on gocardless we will resubmit this payment. If it bounces a second time, we will write out to you via email and letter. If we have no response from this, we pass the debt to a debt agency and add a nominal fee of 10 pounds to the bill to cover admin time.

For all other services we offer cash on the day, card machine (chip and pin) or for commercial window cleaning we often invoice for payment and expect this to be with us within 30 days of the invoice being sent out.

As a thank you to our existing customers, we always offer one clean free for any new customers they recommend us to that then sign up to gocardless.


We prefer to book extra services ie gutter clearing and driveway patio cleaning etc; on a day and time that you are home. We are flexible date and time wise. We can text or call you within an hour of arrival on the agreed day, so you know when we will be due exactly. Let us know if this is required.

Gutter clearing/emptying is a different service from gutter cleaning. To clean the gutter is to clean the exterior of the gutter lines/soffits, so when we arrive to empty a gutter and this is the most common request for gutter jobs, we have priced this as an empty only unless you specifically ask for inside and outside of the gutter to be cleaned.


We keep all of our customers details secure and safe. The residential customers that have signed up to gocardless have done so by logging onto the gocardless site via our ways to pay page.  We will send emails to customers on two occasions only; this is to clear accounts as mentioned further above, or also once or twice a year we email everyone to offer a special thank you offer.  To opt out at any time please email, but we use an email function that will not show each customers email address’ to each other as well.


We offer a 48 hour guarantee on all our jobs, so if there is anything you are not happy with please raise this with us within 2 days of us being out and we will inspect and rectify the issue; should this be error on our part. Please email us on and we will sincerely make it our aim to rectify the issue as fast as possible.


We were traditional window cleaners to start with, and still do some window cleaning this way. The risk of falls is always there though and we genuinely get a better level of clean by using the hot water reach and wash/water fed pole system we have now.  See our blogs section for individual blogs on this method here, and please understand that for anything to work or not work its 100 percent down to the operator being diligent and knowing what to use and when.-rather than any particular system working or not working.

For a list of all services we offer please see:



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